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Fungus Bop Lyrics

"Fungus Bop" Lyrics : Presenting the lyrics of the song Fungus Bop from the English album "Fungus Bop" (2023). The song is sung by Lilac Boy, Music composed by Lilac Boy, and Lyrics are penned by Lilac Boy.

Fungus Bop Song Details

Song:Lilac Boy
Album:Fungus Bop (2023)
Singer:Lilac Boy
Lyricist:Lilac Boy
Music:Lilac Boy
Music Label:Lilac Boy

Fungus Bop Song Lyrics

That's Me Laying On The Carpet That's Me Spilling With Blood
That's Me I'm So Fungus That's Me I'm So Free
That's Me Cordyceps Ant That's Me Cord Across Neck
That's Me Cunt In A Bag That's Me I'm So Leave
That's Me Heart So Dislodged That's Me Smoking A Cigarette
That's Me Causing A Scene That's Me I'm So Dead

I Say Take It Really Far Away Take It Really Far Away
Put It In A Box Put Behind A Lock Take Me Far Away In The Desert
Shoot Me So I'm Beatle Beetle Rotting Fungus Bop Yeah

That's Me Filling With Plastic That's Me Writhing With Bugs
That's Me Living With Ants That's Me Diving Below
That's Me Filing Taxes That's Me Buying A Car
That's Me Living My Life That's Me I'm So Dead

Yeah, Yeah
That's Me I'm A Little Fuck I'm A Takeover
I'm A Layover I'm Laying Down Don't Wanna Talk
Don't Talk To Me I'm Dying Let Me Die I'm A Beached Whale
Bugs Don't Speak Bugs Don't Talk
Let Me Writhe

Written By: Lilac Boy

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