Happy Journey Lyrics - Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama

Happy Journey Lyrics

"Happy Journey" Lyrics : Presenting the lyrics of the song Happy Journey from the Telugu movie "Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama" (2023). The song is sung by Karthik, Music composed by Naga Vamshi, and Lyrics are penned by Vengi.

Happy Journey Song Details

Song:Happy Journey
Movie:Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama (2023)
Music:Naga Vamshi
Starring:Santosh Shobhan, Phalguni Khanna
Music Label:Sony Music South

Happy Journey Song Lyrics

They’ve Got It Going Everybody Hey
Ain’t No Stopping Them What You Gotta Say
All The Twists And The Turns All The Ups
And The Downs Are Meant For The Boo And Bae

Evarevarini Endhuku Kalupuno
Anukokunda Happy Happy Journey
Ee Katha Ika Eh Malupulako
Break Eykundaa Cheppey
Happy Journey

Em Jarigedhundho
Choodham Em Kaanundho
Kanu Choopuke Idhi Theliyadhe
Eh Cheyikai Cheyi Thadabaduno
Eh Chooputho Chupu Mudipaduno

He’s Free Spirited But She Ain’t
She’s The Real Deal But He Be Playin
For All The Good And Bad, This Girl And
The Lad Keep It Real All The Time
Got Us Swaying

Endallo Challani Vaanedho Vachedhundhaa
Gundello Mellaga Merupedho Veligedhundhaa
Machikaina Maata Cheppe Time Osthundhaa
Em Theliyadhu Ento Idhantha Vintha

Reppallo Nidhdhuraa Lekunda Chesesthundhaa
Dhoopatlo Niddhuraa Pokunda Chusesthundhaa
Dhaari Thennu Leni Dhaari Kanabaduthundhaa
Eh Theeram Cheruno Ee Nadakanthaa

Premallo Paduthundho
Vidi Vidi Ga Veluthundho
Ee Jatha Ika Em Kaanundho
Eyy Cheyikai Cheyi Thadabaduno
Eyy Chooputho Chupu Mudipaduno

Time Will Only Tell What’s On The Way
Till Then They All Gotta Do Is Wait
Take A Deep Deep Breath Like Its All In The
Head And Then Throw Your Hands Up In The Air

Written By: Vengi

Happy Journey Official Video Song

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