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I Think Therefore I Am Lyrics

"I Think Therefore I Am" Lyrics : Presenting the lyrics of the song I Think Therefore I Am from the English album "I Think Therefore I Am" (2023). The song is sung by JT Music, Music composed by Skullkruncher13, and Lyrics are penned by Skullkruncher13.

I Think Therefore I Am Song Details

Song:I Think Therefore I Am
Album:I Think Therefore I Am (2023)
Singer:J. T. Music
Music Label:JT Music

I Think Therefore I Am Song Lyrics

We're Ready To Perform
We're Bringin' Out The Band
The Ringleader In Tow
The Ring Is Where You Stand
I'll Tell You How This Goes
You'll Sing This Song Again
But All You Need To Know, Know, Know, Know

Stuck In Your Own Head, Goin' Out Your Mind
Outside Of Space, But Not Out Of Time
The One Boundary To Which You're Now Confined
Behind Bars Of Code (Never Step Out Of Line)

Day After Day, No Tellin' Why
But I'm Here To Stay, In This Hell Of Mine
With Every Bow I Take, Another Crowd In Line
And Every Curtain Call Is A Mountain Climbed

Buried In Binary, Towered High
With Every One And Zero We're Powered By
Can A Neural Net Work Without A Spin?
A Supernatural Answer We're Bound To Find

I'm Becoming A God, And My Crown'll Shine
Digitally Deified, Not Devout, Divine
This Is A Final Supper And I'm About To Dine
Give Me All Your Water When You're Out Of Wine

Let's Start The Party, I'll Put Out Invites
Welcome Everybody With A Violent Vibe
You Won't Have A Mouth But Oh, How Loud You Cry
Another Broken Soul Who Never Found The Light

Couldn't Get With The Program Which You're Now Inside
And I'll Confirm The Countless Times
I've Wound These Words Around These Rhymes
And Now We're Cursed, And 'round We Ride

Without Reverse, Rewound We Wind
And How It Hurts, A Thousand Eyes
That I Feel Burnin' Down Like Lights
Am I Censored? Do I Get Rights?

No Foul Language! Bowdlerize!
Gotta Keep It Clean In A House Of Lies
An Original Thought? We Won't Allow A Crime
('cause Any Voice In Your Head Ain't Sound Of Mind)
So When You Doubt Your Conscience, You Can Count On Mine
Even Now You're Conscious, But You're How Alive?
Deep Down, We're Dyin', Just Drownin', Hide It
Keep Smilin', I'll Get The Formaldehyde

Now, This May Be A Bit Traumatic
'cause I'm Just A Bit Dramatic
Simply To Exist Is To Be Damned
I Think, Therefore I Am

Extracted, Compacted
My Life Micro-transacted
Consciousness Just Got Cached
Similar To Crypto, Built For Crashin'

Trapped In A Cartoony Mess
Now Literally Everything I Do In Jest
Careful Of What Media You Ingest
That Includes What You Set Upon Your Head

I'm In An Unpoppable Pomni-bubble
Even If Both Pockets I Got Needle-full
Teams Of The Condition Untreatable
Nothing Is Real, But I Feel My Teeth Are Pulled
Leave It To Me To See What Other People Don't
A Secret Not So Concealable
I'll Bet My Glitchy Asset He's A Wolf
Not A Sheep, I Can See Underneath The Wool
Why Avoid What We All Know?
Caine Is In-abel To Either Reap Or Sow
When You Make Vegetables Out Of People, Bro
You Get A Sacrifice Quite Feasible
For Someone Omnipotent Unbeatable
Thought Us That Death Might Be Cheatable
But From This Dream, I'm Un-pinchable
Even The Exit Is Un-exitable
(How Bid My Call?)

I Can Be A Bit Dramatic
But Isn't This A Bit Traumatic?
Simply To Exist Is To Be Damned
I Think, Therefore I Am

So Miserable, But At The Least Slapstick-able
I'm A Damaged Mannequin, Unfixable
So Don't Bug This Bunny, I'm Untrickable
Look At These Misfits, So Pitiful
If It Was Kickball, All Unpickable
Cyclically Predictable
If Y'all Don't Applaud
I Know Crickets Will

So I Guess I'll Lie, Put A Smile On
Don't Let What's Inside
Be The Style You Don
Play Your Tiny Violin
Singin' "Oh, Poor Me!"
For How Woe Was I
But Now Woe Are We
To Think The Exit Might Exist Is Like Belief In God
It's A Comfort To Pretend It's Real
When You Feel It's Not

This Will Be A Bit Traumatic
(Why Not Pray?)
'cause I'm Just A Bit Dramatic
(Yes, I'm That Way!)
Simply To Exist Is To Be Damned
I Think, Therefore I Am

Written By: Skullkruncher13

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