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Hike Lyrics

"Hike" Lyrics : Presenting the lyrics of the song Hike from the English album "KA$HREXI" (2023). The song is sung by KA$HREXI, Music composed by KA$HREXI, and Lyrics are penned by KA$HREXI.

Hike Song Details

Album:KA$HREXI (2023)
Music Label:KA$HREXI

Hike Song Lyrics

I Know That Bitch She Wanna Pipe
I Just Be Taking A Hike
Told That Bitch She Wanna Pipe
I Just Be Balling Like Mike
Told That Bitch She Wanna Pipe
She Wanna Pipe
I Just Be Talking A Hike
Taking A Hike

I Just Be Taking A Hike
And I Be Rocking On Jordans
And I Be Looking Like Mike
Niggas Be Thinking I'm Jordan
Niggas Be Lame, They Bore Me
I'm In My Lane Like Tory
Shawty Be Saying She Horny
Damn These Hoes Annoying

Bitch I'm My 20s, Finna Go F**k On A Hoe That's 40
Look At The Whip (Yuh, Aye) Some Of Yall Afford It
Niggas Be Saying They Ball For Real
But Thеy Never Scoring
If I'm Not At Home Thеn I'm Prolly Out Somewhere Touring

God I Trust God A Must
I Just Be Taking A Hike
So I Be Waking On Dust
I Need My Bread Right Now
Coz I Be Eating On Crust
I Ain't Be Showing No Love
I Just Be Giving Em Lust

I'm On The Road, I'm On The Field
Don't Give A F**k, Bout How You Feel
Taking A Hike, You Know The Deal
P**sy A*s Boy, You Better Chill

Written By: KA$HREXI

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